Thursday, May 8, 2014

Still Alive

So I went on NoFap for 2 months! I couldn't keep the blog up to date on it because an incredible amount of change occured in my life. I got a job, a drivers license, and a girlfriend. All in this short time span.

I contribute a lot of that to NoFap. It gives a man an incredible boost to keep his power (seminal fluid) within, instead of wasting it every other day on some fucked up, disgusting illusion that is porn. I felt a lot more confident, I had a lot more energy, and my life just seemed to flow naturally in a wonderful way.

Until i 'relapsed'. This was five days ago. I immediately felt drained, and all the positive effects from my abstinence quickly faded. I was basically back to being a nervous wreck. Now everything seems infinitely harder, work is a struggle, having a harder time keeping my girl happy, and the anxiety is through the roof in comparison.

So, what to do? Obviously; get back on the train. I'll keep doing this NoFap journey until I have achieved a greater control over myself and my impulses, as well as keeping my power within meanwhile. I have no intent to live a life of fapping.



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